Mar 13

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Big Pic Trolls




EddieTheCat7 was the first person to make a troll video about The Big Picture.  Eddie is a strong supporter of Berlinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish and David Icke all of whom I think are acting on behalf of the establishment.

In a later EddieTheCat7 video Eddie says she has identified a network of disinformation sites by identifying ones which link to The Big Picture.  I encourage you to explore this network because it will include people who understand the nature of controlled opposition and how it is used to neuter serious opposition to the establishment.

 Sabine McNeill

Sabine Mcneill

Sabine Mcneill

Sabine has included a pair of EddieTheCat7 videos on a page on one of her 50 websites one of the videos is a direct attack on this site and the other accuses me of being part of a network of controlled opposition.  Sabine is a very strong supporter of Berlinda McKenzie and has appeared on a McKenzie Friends discussion panel.  Berlinda McKenzie is already listed as controlled opposition agent on my own Truther Guide.

Sabine has worked at CERN and claims on her Victims Unite! site that she has formulated her own theory about truth, as follows:

"As a system analyst and philosopher of science, I have complemented Einstein’s general and special relativity by absolute relativity.  Similarly, I don’t think there is ‘absolute truth’. There is only ‘personal truth’ and ‘current understanding’ of any situation."

This makes perfect sense because Sabine wouldn't acknowledge the absolute truth no matter how obvious it may be and others have already noticed, including Sharon Kilby.