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Big Pic Trolls


Check out the video below and see what you think.  I think it was nice of EddyTheCat7 to point out my spelling error - thanks very much Eddy.  I've now corrected it.  My review of this analysis appears below.

00:44 I may be a supporter of organised peadophilia

Anyone who suspects that I may be working for powerful pedophiles is invited to read Kevin Annett, Bill Maloney & MI5 and  BBC Peadophile Statues and to examine the evidence presented at The Hollie Greig Hoax, which I fully support.  For the record I'm not working for anyone and I don't support peadophilia by anyone; this site carries pedophilia stories here.  The Hollie Greig case is designed to take attention away from the genuine peadophile abuse by powerful establishment figures.

01:49 This site is aimless

This site documents my best attempts to figure out the truth.  It was initially written as a way to organise my own thoughts, rather than as a guide for others.  I expect the structure will improve over time; I might even use some of EddyTheCat7's input as a guide.

02:04 This site is entirely anonymous

This site was anonymous until the above video was posted.  Anyway the point made by EddyTheCat7 is that false identities cost time and money so disinformation agents prefer to remain anonymous because it is practical.  This demonstrates EddyTheCat7's comprehensive failure to grasp reality; the Rothschild Empire controls the global money supply for crying out loud, they have all the money in the world and plenty of time.  By the way, I wonder who EddyTheCat7 is?

02:25 This site is absurd

I agree 100%.  It is absurd that I should spend my time documenting the attempts of psychologically damaged individuals who are 'secretly' taking ever greater control over the whole world.  According to EddyTheCat7 this site tackles subjects that it "does not understand", which I think is less and less true as the days go by.

02:34 This site has no stated purpose

Well spotted EddyTheCat7.  The headlines on the home page all have a category assigned - I use the main page to collect and group news stories so I can refer to them when I write an article  or when I want to review an opinion of mine.  You're free to use it as you choose or ignore it or criticise it.  The categories do cover a wide range of topics - that's why the site is called The BIG Picture, I expect most people who use the site understand that.  There is a lot of material for a site only 9 months old, thanks for noticing, I worked my tail off to get it this far.  EddyTheCat7 clearly thinks assessing all the conspiracies on a single site is suspicious - that might be because its the opposite of the compartmentalisation favoured by Illuminati controlled media.

I've changed the site's tagline to make the purpose of this site clear.  How's that for personalised customer service EddyTheCat7?

04:57 Maybe the site is about Illuminati sunrise symbology

The site's tagline used to refer to the sunrise motif on The Big Picture banner.  After I started to post material on this site I found out that the old Prison Planet logo included a sun rise to represent the dawn of the New World Order and that Alex Jones revised his logo after people had spotted the symbolism.  I didn't want to modify The Big Picture banner so I decided to let readers know that I was aware I was using an Illuminati New World Order symbol.  Subsequently I also noticed a sunrise on Martin Truther's Illuminati controlled logo and in a couple of other places as shown below.


Illuminati sunrise symbology

05:05 Olympic Bell Articles Are Rubbish

I expect the articles make more sense to those who have read them than they do to EddyTheCat7 who, it appears, has chosen only to look at the pictures.

06:26 Secret Society Pics, TV and British Royals

To Secret Society Pics I've added a couple of pictures of the Freemasons who lied about going to the moon, but EddyTheCat7 is correct this page doesn't say much yet.  The same goes for TV, although I do like the pictures on the TV page.  I expect they'll be more to come on the British Royals especially with regard to peadophilia, please be patient EddyTheCat7.

07:12 Anonymity

Thanks for the tip about social media EddyTheCat7 - I will probably investigate how to raise the site's profile.  I have decided to be anonymous because this site is about the information and not about me.

08:04 Alexa

I didn't know about Alexa, thank you EddyTheCat7!  I was quite impressed with my Alexa ranking, but I'm a modest sort.

 08:41 Go Daddy

I am not Mat Young.  Mat is a friend of mine who thought I should have a website and he set-up the The Big Picture for me.  Thanks Mat.  I'm using Mat Young on a YouTube account to comment on EddyTheCat7's video because it will make sense to those who've seen the video, but have not read this response.

I originally chose to remain anonymous in order to avoid ad hominem attacks because I can do without them.  Comments were switched off because I wasn't looking for affirmation and I didn't want to spend all my time addressing questions and criticism.

09:45 UK School UFO Crashes

I first learned about UK school UFO Crash drills from David Icke's site.  It seems odd that this topic is regarded as absurd by some one defending The Truth Movement, including its most famous Brit, Mr Icke.

10:20 Jimmy Saville

I'll get round to writing up my thoughts on Jimmy Saville.  Be patient EddyTheCat7.

10:35 Annett, Maloney and MI5

This is a good article, thanks for the publicity EddyTheCat7.

11:38 The Truther Guide

Its really good, isn't it?  A bit 'tabloid' I admit, but full of cracking information.

15:07 Leave a Comment

I left a comment on 6th December, but I think it was deleted.  Here's a comment I left on 7th December:

"I found the analysis of my site to be unintelligent and I'm part way through writing a response which you can find on my site under Big Pic Trolls in the Truth Movement Section.  Please be patient for me to finish writing the response; I'm very busy presently constructing an alter for the purposes of Devil worship so that me and my Rothschild mates can perform unspeakable ritual acts, the like of which would get Valerie Sinason all excited about writing another report for Tavistock."