Sep 12

The Truth Movement

Alternative Media Guide

In addition to alienating itself from the mainstream public, one of the most fundamental ways that the controlled alternative media prevent people from finding out the whole truth is by scattering individual shards of truth over numerous different websites.  This guide will attempt to identify the best sites for specific topics so that the whole truth may be more easily pieced together.

Beware though, almost all the sites listed are thought to be Illuminati controlled so they will include a range of disinformation tactics.


Chris Hedges and others write some good articles on US education in Truthout.  Charlotte Iserbyt's deliberatedumbingdown is the best source of information I'm aware of.

False Flag Attacks

Alex Jones' Prison Planet and Infowars can be relied upon to highlight any event, which may be a false flag.  You will have to look at other sources for the whole truth though because Alex is obviously controlled opposition and he is in the business of creating limited hangouts, especially when it comes to 9/11 Truth.

9/11 Truth

Andrew Johnson's checktheevidence and Judy Wood's drjudywood are the best places to find 9/11 Truth with respect to the attacks in New York.

Note: be weary of Andrew Johnson's research on UFOs and aliens, he seems unable to take a step back and see the entire subject in terms of a forthcoming faked alien threat to the earth in order to support a one world government.

7/7 Truth

Muad'Dib's 7/7 Ripple Effect appears to be an independent production, however it is definitely worth looking at WideShut for additional information on 7/7.


Mike Adams' fearmongering Natural News comes from the same fake opposition stable as Infowars, in fact Adams is a stand in host for Alex Jones on occasion.  For truly independent research go to Leonard Horowitz.

Independent Journalists

There are a number of seemingly genuinely independent journalists with radio programs and websites: Keelan Balderson's WideShut; Mel Ve's Freedom Central; Sherri Kane's SherriKane.com; Barbara Hartwell's Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA and Deanna Spingola are not afraid to tackle controlled opposition.

Be weary of Mel Ve's information - she has a tendency to run with the crowd and to maximize her popularity and status at the expense pursuing the truth.

See also The Big Picture's recommended best researchers.

Reference Information

Ken Adachi's  Educate Yourself is controlled opposition as demonstrated by his positive coverage of Ted Gunderson, who was an Illuminati operative.  The site also links to Henry Mackow and Dr. John Coleman, both of whom are controlled.

These sites appear to be free of Illuminati control americandeception, bavarian-illuminati, conspiracyarchive, Iamthewitness, modernhistoryproject, revisionisthistory, SacredTexts, Whale,


henrymakow is the only alternative news site that I'm aware of which carries stories about the Raelians, which is a religion so in tune with the New World Order (NWO) agenda that it may be designated to become the new global NWO belief system.  Makow's site is designed to keep away everyone except hard core Christians, thereby deliberately limiting its appeal, and I've found a great deal of truth hiding under the veil of religious fervour.  I particularly like this article, which correctly identifies the Jewish holocaust as a topic too hot to explore critically for any controlled opposition news site.


Vigilant Citizen and Secrets in Plain Site are the best sites I know of for highlighting Illuminati Symbology.  Vigilant Citizen's articles have been shown to be very limited hangouts.

Thought Provoking Blogs

chaukeedaar's blog, merovee, revolutionharry, incubusblog, diggerfortruth