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Illuminati Symbols



BBC Match Of The Day Ides Of March

One short piece of BBC TV programming and the way it was reported on the internet reveals a great deal about both the Illuminati agenda and the strict Illuminati control of both mainstream and alternative media.

The Ides of March segment (below) was broadcast on 16 March 2014 at the end of Match Of The Day 2.  The presenter introduced the piece by stating that it was the Ides (middle) of March and that some teams in the Premier League may need to be looking over their shoulder. Still shots of Julius Caesar were shown in between football highlights and accompanying commentary from the weekend's action.  Eye and pyramid symbols were flashed on screen in between each piece of commentary; all symbols can only be clearly seen when the video is slowed down.  Immediately following the segment a flying saucer is shown crossing in front of a Ferris wheel.

What is the meaning of this esoteric broadcast?  The Illuminati often use historical references, which are little known to the general public, in order to demonstrate their superior knowledge.  The Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March, which became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC [1],  hence the still shots of Caesar in the video.  The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history, as one of the events that marked the transition from the historical period known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.  This historical reference is relevant because the Illuminati have themselves been working towards a transition to a New (rational and secular) World Order since 1776  [2].  Caesar was stabbed to death by around 60 or more conspirators, which makes the historical reference even more appropriate because the Illuminati New World Order project is a conspiracy, which is supposedly being carried out in secret. [3]

Flashing images of eye and triangle symbols are a direct reference to the Illuminati network of secret societies including the Freemasons, who openly admit to using such symbols. [4]

Immediately following the Eides Of March piece the BBC showed a flying saucer crossing in front of a Ferris wheel.  The Ferris wheel (the London Eye?) may well be another reference to secret society symbology.  The flying saucer is significant because there is much evidence that the New World Order will be characterised by a fake extra-terrestrial threat.  Such a threat is designed to unite the people of the world under an Illuminati controlled global government, which will gain legitimacy for iron clad control of the people by claiming it is necessary in order to protect us against a formidable alien enemy.  The BBC has already begun reporting on the fictitious extra-terrestrial threat as shown below:

For obvious reasons the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is very unlikely to report this story at all.  The video is probably meant to be a bit of fun for Illuminati insiders for whom it will confirm total control of the BBC and the extent to which the general public is oblivious to their plans.

Internet searches show that this story appears to have been picked up first by YouTube users carl nichols [5] and freeradiorevolution [6].  Carl nicols published a video of his TV screen and freeradiorevolution published a much better version 1 day later, which highlighted the UFO appearance. Only after the story appeared on YouTube did alternative news outlets publish it (see below); Vigilant Citizen published 3 days after carl nicols and commented “I don’t see a reason why the symbol of the All Seeing Eye inside a triangle should be in this ad, but it is, flashing, being burnt inside the minds of oblivious football fans”.  PrisonPlanet and Before Its News copied the Vigilant Citizen report exactly.  Disclose TV posted the video without comment.

Google Search BBC Ides of March Illuminati

Google search showing alternative media sites reporting the story days after it was posted on YouTube.

None of the alternative media websites mentioned the significance of the Eids of March or transition to the Roman Empire or Caesar’s assassination by conspirators or the flying saucer.  This lack of analysis occurs because these websites are also controlled by the Illuminati and their role is not to educate people about history and the Illuminati agenda; their job is to create confusion amongst those who oppose the Illuminati and to make opponents appear foolish and, if possible, insane.

The people who run Vigilant Citizen and the other well financed and professionally produced alternative news sites hope that you will read their article and tell your friends and family that the Illuminati are using subliminal messages on TV to make powerful symbols penetrate our sub-conscious minds.  You won’t be able to describe quite how it works or what the end result is and your friends and family are likely to believe (quite rightly in this case) that you are talking nonsense.


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