Sep 12

The Truth Movement

11 Signs You're Awake

1. Dead Whistleblowers

You understand that individuals including Dr. Karla Turner, Serge Monast, Stanley Kubrick, Rik Clay, Bill Cooper, Robin Cook and Christopher Story died after leaking details of Illuminati plans and activities.  You're aware that the CIA demonstrated a heart attack gun to the Church Committee in 1975  and that concentrating on the stories of those who were eliminated is one of the best ways to understand the truth.

2. Control of Corporate and Alternative Media

You are fully aware that the Illuminati controls both corporate and commercial alternative media.  You've noticed that many alternative news sites use logos (TheIntelHub), behaviour (Alex Jones) or stances (Henry Mackow)  to limit their own appeal and that they also serve to fragment the truth over many different internet sites by providing numerous limited hangouts where only part of the truth is revealed.  You've found that Wikipedia can provide a wealth of relevant information.  You recognise the Activist Post article 10 Signs That You're Fully Awake as a pale imitation of the truth.

You are familiar with some of those who have exposed the controlled opposition network such as The Holly Grieg Hoax Group in the UK and Barbara Hartwell and  Sherri Kane in the US.

3. Rothschild Bankers Rule The World

You understand that control of the global money supply through ownership of central banks is key to controlling the economy and governments globally.  The global banking cartel which forms the core of the Illuminati is likely headed up by the Rothschild family.

You appreciate that the Illuminati, criminal banking cartel create wars to further their One World Government (United Nations) agenda.  You understand the petrodollar.

You know party politics is a charade.  Government policy and societal attitudes are driven by the Illuminati through think tanks and foundations, which provide the framework within which governments operate.

You are not distracted by claims that the Pope (or even Jesuit master the Black Pope) is the most powerful man on earth.

4. Peadophilia and Necrophilia

You're aware that the lluminati bankers, through the secret service agencies, likely search out and promote paedophile and necrophiliac politicians and celebrities into positions of power because they are easily controlled using blackmail.  You know that the sexual abuse typically has nothing to with Devil worship and that the abuse is only described as satanic by commentators including David Icke and Henry Mackow in order to deliberately make claims of high society peadophile rings less credible to the  general public.  You're aware that Beatrix Campbell, a leading champion of child abuse rings in the UK being satanic, was awarded an OBE by the Queen.  You know Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino are Illuminati agents who exist to perpetuate the hoax.

5. Zionism and the NAZIs

You recognise the ongoing mainstream media assault on the Roman Catholic church as an act of bringing down the old world order in the context of Knights Templar, Free-masonic and Illuminati history.

You're aware of the 1917 Balfour Declaration.  You are aware that Eustace Mullin's research reveals that in 1923, Germany’s National Socialist Party was having trouble getting off the ground and agreed to form an alliance with the Zionist Party.  Hence the name NAZI was formed by the first 2 letters from each party name.  You know about The Transfer Agreement signed by Hitler and the Zionists in 1933.  You know Anthony Sutton's work about US support for the NAZIs.  You're familiar with Operation Paperclip whereby NAZI scientists were brought to the US after World War II.  You know that US law makers are forced to support Israel and that any questioning of the official holocaust story or current Israeli policy is censored.

You know that people who recognise the Illuminati to be a Zionist Jewish cabal are attacked, fraudulently for being anti-Semitic.  You know that Helen Thomas was forced to retire for daring to suggest the Jews should leave Palestine and return to Germany and Poland.

You are familiar with IsRaëlism, a religion which teaches New World Order doctrine including the origin of the human race being a genetic engineering project by extraterrestrial visitors.  You understand that use of the Swastika of David by the Raelism movement identfies it as a combination of Zionist and NAZI beliefs and that anyone promoting Raëlian beliefs (including anyone promoting extraterrestrial visitors to earth) is promoting, wittingly or unwittingly, the New World Order agenda.

6. False Flags

You know what happened to World Trade Centre Building 7 on 9/11.   You are familiar with the 9/11 Truth Movement and Dr. Judy Wood's research.  You know that no plane hit the Pentagon and that no plane crashed in Shanksville on 9/11.

You have watched 7/7 Ripple Effect by Muad'Dib and you know that after being arrested and charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice for trying to post copies of his film to the 7/7 inquest judge  and jury foreman Muad'Dib was himself found not guilty by a jury.

You know that the US government stages mass shootings in support of the New World Order (United Nations) gun control agenda.

7. Hoaxes

You are aware that Stanley Kubrick directed his version of The Shining to tell the world that he was the person who faked the Apollo mission film footage.  You understand that the public would not accept the fraudulent ancient astronaut theory without first seeing astronauts and therefore the Apollo missions were faked because they were preparation for the New World Order's use of ancient extraterestrial astronauts for the purposes of religion and to create a fictitious external threat.

You're familiar with the origins of flying disc technology in Germany and you're aware that alien abduction experiences likely result from military abductions, mind control and implanting false memories.

You recognise that when governments make exploring historical events illegal e.g. the Jewish holocaust in Nazi Germany, it is because they have something to hide.  You have looked at the evidence presented by revisionist holocaust historians such as David Cole and come to your own conclusions.

Despite the persistent warnings you've noticed oil isn't running out and you understand peak oil to be a hoax.

8. Energy and Technology

You're aware that Nicola Tesla's research was taken by the FBI after he died.  You're familiar with the history of HAARP and you know that electromagnetic weather modification has been reported in the mainstream press.  You know that chemtrails are used to seed the ionosphere with barium as per this patent.

You are familiar with the Verichip organisation and you know that the New World Order originally aimed to have microchips implanted in everyone for the purpose of complete control.

9. Health

You are aware that the global population is being systematically dumbed down via the education system and poisoned by Monsanto's genetically modified organisms and big pharma's vaccines.  You know what Codex Alimentarius is.

You're aware of the work of Antoine Béchamp, Royal Rife, Nobel Prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg and Robert O Young.  You undersand why cancer cures are suppressed and that increasingly medical professionals are blowing the whistle on fraudulent health advice.

10. History

You know about astrotheology and Freemason Manly P. Hall's teachings that each of the three Abrahamic faiths has a planet that governs that religion. Judaism is Saturn: the symbol of Judaism is a hexagram symbol of Saturn, and the day of worship is on Saturday, day of Saturn. Christianity is the Sun: the symbol of Christianity is the cross symbol of the Sun, and the day of worship is Sunday, day of the Sun. Islam is Venus: the symbol of Islam is the star and crescent (the star commonly thought to represent Venus), and the day of worship is on Friday, day of Venus.

You're aware that astrotheology does not necessarily mean Jesus was a fictional character, rather it suggests the story of Jesus was written around existing symbology.

You're aware that after the Knights Templar were dissolved in France, by the King and the Pope, in 1312 they went to ground in England and Scotland and eventually emerged as the Freemasons in the late 16th century.

You know about the Rosicrucian's and Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati plan to take over existing governments and religions using Freemasonry as one of their tools.  You can identify Free-masonic (Hermetic) symbols in architecture; institution emblems, corporate logos, clothing and films.

You know that the Rosicrucians built The Georgia Guide Stones in 1980.

11. Spirituality (Gnosticism)

You know that in around 1112 the Knights Templar organisation was formed by members of the aristocracy from  South West  France where the gnostic Cathars were living.  You also know that the Catholic church slaughtered the Cathars after the Knights Templar crusades to the east.

You're aware that neurologists are now able to map the brain activity associated with transcendence, which is a threat to any organised religion or New World Order global control structure.