May 12

Illuminati Control

Corporate Media


The following paragraphs about Reuters and the Rothschilds are taken from New World Order by Eustace Mullins.

Kent Cooper, president of the Associated Press, notes in Life, Nov. 13, 1944, “Freedom of Information”, “Before and during the First World War, the great German news agency Wolff was owned by the European banking house of Rothschild, which had its central headquarters in Berlin. A leading member of the firm was also kaiser Wilhelm’s personal banker (Max Warburg). What actually happened in Imperial Germany was that the Kaiser used Wolff to bind and excite his people to such a degree that they were eager for World War I. Twenty years later under Hitler the pattern was repeated and enormously magnified by DNB, Wolff’s successors.”

Cooper later noted in his autobiography, “Barriers Down”, “international bankers under the House of Rothschild acquired an interest in the three leading European agencies. (Havas, France; Reuters, England; Wolff, Germany).”


Another Brick in the Wall

“We’ve bought into the idea that education is about training and “success”, defined monetarily, rather than learning to thinkcr itically and to challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers.  A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between morality and power, which mistakes management techniques for wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of a civilization is its compassion, not its speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death.”
― Chris Hedges, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle


World Health Organisation

How Can the Wealthiest Industrialized Nation be the Sickest?  Americans get sick more often than Europeans or people from any other industrialized nation. Since the mid-1990s, the number of Americans suffering from at least three chronic illnesses nearly doubled.  Life expectancy has decreased and infant mortality has increased. Illnesses once rare are now common, for example: Autism now affects one in 88 children, compared to one in 25,000 in the mid-1970s; Type 2 diabetes rates in the U.S. increased by 176 percent between 1980 and 2010; Celiac disease is four times more common now than 60 years ago; Alzheimer's disease is rising at alarming rates. It's estimated that 5.4 million Americans (one in eight older Americans) now has Alzheimer's disease, and nearly half of those age 85 and older have it; AD rates have doubled since 1980.


Spot the Illuminati Pyramid

“History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” -Dan Brown, The Davinci Code

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"—George Santayana.

The establishment seeks to control history in order to cover-up ongoing conspiracies and maintain the status quo


Fabian Society - a wolf in sheep's clothing

Immediately upon its inception, the Fabian Society began attracting many prominent contemporary figures drawn to its socialist cause, including George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, Annie Besant, Graham Wallas, Hubert Bland, Edith Nesbit, Sydney Olivier, Oliver Lodge, Leonard Woolf and Virginia Woolf, Ramsay MacDonald and Emmeline Pankhurst. Even Bertrand Russell briefly became a member, but resigned after he expressed his belief that the Society's principle of entente (in this case, between countries allying themselves against Germany) could lead to war.

The Fabian Society, which favoured gradual change rather than revolutionary change, was named – at the suggestion of Frank Podmore – in honour of the Roman general Fabius Maximus (nicknamed "Cunctator", meaning "the Delayer"). His Fabian strategy advocated tactics of harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles against the Carthaginian army under the renowned general Hannibal.


Bible Stories by Barbara Griffiths

The Pope Chooses Accessories:

The Hat — this is inspired by both the Godess Cybele (whose Cult of Harlotry and Holy Taverns site lies beneath St Peter’s) and by Dagon the Fish-God.
The Pallium — its origin is the cloth worn by a shepherd when carrying a lamb on his shoulders. It is ornamented with the Cross Formee, the symbol for pagan sun worship.
The Lappets — these are the strips of cloth on the back of his hat, as worn by pagan kings.
The Stole — his crimson and gold stole bears the symbol of Baal within the eight pointed star of Ishtar.


Apollo Hoax

In his 20s and early 30s, Wernher von Braun was the central figure in Germany's rocket development program, responsible for the design and realization of the V-2 combat rocket during World War II. After the war, he and some select members of his rocket team were taken to the United States as part of the then-secret Operation Paperclip. Von Braun worked on the United States Army intermediate range ballistic missile program before his group was assimilated by NASA, under which he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers." - Neil Armstrong at The White House on the 25th anniversary of the first Moon landing.