May 12

Illuminati Symbols

Bank of America

Making Building

The third and final fresco is said to focus on the theme of Making/Building. The main figure of the fresco is a worker holding a shovel, contemplating the work being done.  The people depicted are predominantly wearing masonic colours of red, blue and green; the inclusion of some yellow (another important masonic colour) accounts for the remaining items of clothing.


At the bottom of the fresco, below ground level, are 12 people; eleven men and one woman.  None of them makes eye contact with any other; seven of them hold shovels, which are shaped like arrow heads (matching the one seen above ground) and one has a pick axe.  Do these people represent previous generations of Masons who have worked for the cause?  We do know the cycle of Ordo Ab Chao is a recurring one.

The sky appears washed out above, but is green in the image below, which is consistent with middle fresco.

Bank of America Frescos

The image of a sleeping or dead man appears within the hill side, is this another Masonic ancestor who now rests in piece?  The ongoing work appears to be preparation for blasting at a quarry; it is designated 'EQ'.  As the frescos are designed to be read right to left the sign may be read as QE, which stands for Quantitative Easing.  This is appropriate symbology for the repeated process of the banking system expanding and contracting the money supply in order to first encourage people to take out large loans and then taking possession of their assets when the economy crashes and a portion of the population default.


Resting man and EQ