May 12

Illuminati Symbols


Bank of America


Chaos/Creativity is the second fresco in a sequence of 3; many details within the painting describe profound turmoil, which seems to be affecting all parts of society and civilization. We find military and religious figures, people protesting and much more.


For some reason the photograph above, taken from The Vigilant Citizen [1], does not show the correct colour of the sky, which is green as can be seen below.  As in the description of the first frescoe Planning/Knowledge, green is the typical colour of the third or sublime degree of a Master Mason, alluding to his discovery of the characteristics of divine truth, his belief in the immortality of the soul and his hope of a resurrection [2].

Translucent beings spin with fire (symbolic of knowledge in the Hermetic, Masonic and Illuminati traditions) in a green sky and people there are separated from the turmoil below.  There is even a safety net to catch them, although the net does dip low it is not broken.  The sky dwellers all have red hair, which may be symbolic of the Rosecrucians.

Translucent figures, surrounded by light, in a green sky, protected by a safety net

At the bottom left of the sky dwellers and fire ensemble is a curious symbol remeniscent of a sun wheel.

Sun wheels

At lower right of the frescoe three flags can be seen entering the battle.  Masonic red and blue are present but the middle flag is a washed out neutral colour.  The standard bearers are "out of shot" so we do not know how they relate to the chaos around them.  Colours of Masonic significance (red, blue, and green) are common amongst the chaos under the green sky, which may indicate that the majority of masons will be caught up in it.

Masonic flags?

In the bottom right of the frescoe we see people from different walks of life caught up in the chaos.  Is the person in hand cuffs the same black business man from the first frescoe [2]?  If so it indicates that the chaos is extremely far reaching; Ashkenazi Jewish family banking dynasties, European royalty and the Rockefellers are likely exceptions.

A black business man in hand cuffs; a malnurished man and a nun experience chaos

Centre bottom of the fresco shows a religious leader wearing a mitre (behind the pregnant woman in green), which together with the nun (above) indicate that the church is caught up in the chaos.  Protest signs in the fresco are blank; maybe this indicates that the people are unaware of the cause of their plight or maybe the issues being protested are too numerous to include.

A crucifix position may indicate people are being sacrificed; the religious leader wearing the mitre (centre right) indicates the church will not escape chaos.

In the lower left corner of the fesco some one wears a suit to protect against a biological, chemical or radioactive threat. The sign posts are blank just like the protest signs; perhaps because they indicate "everywhere".

Protective Suit


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