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UK School UFO Crashes


Rillington County Primary School UFO Crash Site, 9 Jan 2012

Are faked alien invasions now a routine part of the national curriculum in the UK?

According to the Daily Mail [1] staged school yard UFO crashes are based on an idea from the Department for Children , Schools and Families (now part of the Department of Education) and the National Literacy Trust.  The aim is to find ways to take writing beyond the classroom and to provide 'exciting stimuli' for storytelling. The practice of staging UFO crash sites at UK Primary Schools began in 2008 and continues according to the, by now, well established formula:

1. The crash site is staged  prior to the start of the school day, often including a trail of alien slime.

2. Police officers attend the scene and cordon off the crash site, sometimes they are accompanied by forensic experts.  Effort is made to make the scenario as real as possible.

3. After having been tricked into believing the crash site is real, the children are told it was staged.

4. The children are encouraged to write in a variety of different styles such as newspaper reports and television adverts in response to the UFO arrival.

5. The event is sometimes, but not always, reported in the local newspaper.  A search of the internet will turn up school websites reporting their own staged UFO crash site, which is not reported in the press.

It sounds like a great way to fire up a student’s imagination and make them practice writing skills.  Not all the kids participating  had great fun, however.  Children at Southway Junior School were upset when they were told one of their teachers had been abducted by aliens and the exercises may well serve a more sinister purpose.  The hidden agenda may be to condition the kids into accepting the idea of aliens landing on earth; a staged event that the Illuminati bankers could then exploit for their own goal of uniting all the people of earth under a one world totalitarian government.

School UFO Crash Site Reports

Reports below are a selection of those available at the time of writing.

2012, 10 January :  Scarborough Evening News.  Aliens have landed in a village between Scarborough and Malton.  The close encounter with life from outer space happened at Rillington County Primary School yesterday as the children and staff arrived on the first day back after the festive break. http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/news/local/aliens-land-in-school-field-1-4125632

2011, 27 May : Ilkley Gazette.  Pupils were called in to investigate after a ‘UFO’ crash-landed in their school playground.  Year 5 students at Ben Rhydding Primary School arrived at the scene to discover debris scattered across the ground and the area cordoned off by police tape. The simulated investigation was led by PC Brian Southgate and involved pupils dressing up in forensic suits to gather evidence and testing substances for signs of life.  http://www.ilkleygazette.co.uk/features/9051063.Ben_Rhydding_Primary_School_pupils_go_in_search_of_UFO/

2011, 17 March :  Hampshire Chronicle.  A Winchester school was invaded by a mysterious visitor from space this week.  An alien egg crash-landed at Weeke Primary School on Tuesday, March 15, to the bemusement of the students.  The school, in Stoney Lane, was joined by Hampshire Police, 10 student ‘scientists’ from the University of Winchester and a ‘UFO-ologist from the University of Warwick’ to help investigate the landing site, where a trail of alien blood and slime was left. http://www.hampshirechronicle.co.uk/news/8913812._Alien__invades_a_Winchester_primary_school/

2011, January 13 :  Tottenham and Woodgreen Journal.  Pupils gaze in amazement at the crash site of a “UFO” in their school playground.  The unidentified object “crash-landed” at Muswell Hill Primary School in Muswell Hill.  The area was cordoned off with incident tape, police officers attended, and a scientist came to take samples while staff and children helped solve the mystery.  http://www.tottenhamjournal.co.uk/news/aliens_land_in_muswell_hill_1_773737

2010, October 18 : Western Worle ans Somerset Mercury.  Budding investigative journalists have been busy trying to find out what caused a UFO to appear in the grounds of their school.  Year four pupils at St Georges Primary School found some unusual objects at the Pastures Avenue site, which ‘appeared’ overnight. http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/education/pupils_investigate_ufo_1_683805

2010, January 20 : Sunderland Echo. Forensic teams have been scouring the grounds of a city school after an alien invasion.  Pupils looked on in amazement when a UFO landed at Hylton Red House Primary School, bringing lessons to a sharp halt.  But – rather than being the creation of little green men – the spacecraft, which appeared as a surprise to pupils, was put together by staff as part of a three- week space project.  http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/local/shock-for-pupils-as-ufo-lands-at-school-1-1093924

2009, 19 November : Yorkshire Evening Post.  It seemed like a normal November day – it was cold, wet and windy as pupils arrived at school.  But as they walked into the playground of Leeds's Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School, the children realised their day would be far from normal.  There were chunks of debris strewn across the grass, flashing lights wedged in the mud and smoke blowing about – an alien spaceship had crash landed. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/leeds-pupils-turn-alien-investigators-in-hunt-for-zonk-1-2233995

2009, July 17 : The Daily Mail.  It was supposed to inspire pupils to write more creatively.  But the arrival of a UFO at Southway Junior School also inspired something rather different - terror.  Some of the seven to 11-year-olds were left in tears after a spaceship apparently crash-landed and a teacher was abducted by aliens.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1200088/Our-teachers-abducted-aliens-Pupils-terrified-UFO-stunt-backfires.html#ixzz1tVqeecDz

2009, April 30 : Express and Star.  It looks like a scene straight out of an alien movie – a spacecraft smashed in the middle of a school field surrounded by smoke and explosions.  Youngsters arrived at Trinity Primary School to find their playing fields cordoned off by real police officers and firefighters who had surrounded the crashed alien craft.  http://www.expressandstar.com/latest/2009/04/30/alien-craft-lands-on-school-field/#ixzz1tVm5GH5V

2008, November 2 : Basingstoke Gazette.  A UFO landed at a primary school in Basingstoke.  Green goo covered the area and the craft, cordoned off in a corner of the playing fields, was guarded by community wardens.  But fortunately for the startled pupils at South View Junior School, in Shooters Way, South View, the crash site had been mocked-up by teachers for a writing exercise.  http://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/3805444.Pupils_land_a_UFO_scoop/

2008, Ocober 10 : This is Grimsby.  An unidentified flying object crashed landed at a Cleethorpes school.  The UFO, about the size of a telephone box, was discovered in the playground of Elliston Infants’ School.  While no explanation has been given for the origins of the metal object, some claim it is not man-made.  As the youngsters, aged six and seven, investigated the crash, headteacher Marlene Ranshaw, revealed the alien landing was, in fact, part of the children’s lesson plan.  http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/UFO-lands-Cleethorpes-school/story-11532732-detail/story.html

2008, September 18 : Harrow Observer.  Children from an Edgware school were made to believe aliens had landed in their playground by teachers and police.  After spending this morning bewildered by the unusual hoax, pupils from Stag Lane School in Collier Drive, quizzed police officers brought on to the site during a press conference to make the event seem more realistic. Forensic examiners had earlier analyzed an 'alien claw' they had 'found' on the site.  The aim of the day was to stimulate the children's minds and help develop their story writing skills.  After lunch the pupils were informed by the school's headteacher Elena Evans that it was all a stunt. http://www.harrowobserver.co.uk/west-london-news/local-harrow-news/2008/09/18/police-investigate-school-s-alien-invasion-116451-21847932/


1. Daily Mail, Our teacher's been abducted by aliens! Pupils terrified as UFO stunt backfires, 30 April 2012, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1200088/Our-teachers-abducted-aliens-Pupils-terrified-UFO-stunt-backfires.html#ixzz1tVqEIGIO