Apr 12

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Controlled Opposition


On April 14, 2012 Disclose.TV [1] shut down for a few hours and then promptly returned with a new format.   During the, no doubt planned, site upgrade viewers were automatically re-directed to http://www.disclose.tv/seized.html.  Below is a screen capture of what was displayed.

David Wilcock wrote the following in his blog [2] on April 15, 2012:

Hackers invaded Disclose.tv and posted something that appeared, at first blush, to be a government notice. It was a hoax. The agencies and provisions named in the notice do not exist.

This may have been a deliberate move by insiders to provoke more fear, while also having it then appear to be the work of simple hoaxers.

In my grief I felt overwhelmed by the idea that sites were starting to be attacked and shut down. I should have done more fact checking on this but in my emotional state I screwed up. I apologize.

We have reached a critical moment where historic events are happening, and will happen. This is actually a very exciting time. The amount of evidence that mass arrests are imminent is overwhelming.

Let's band together and all do our parts to insure that peace will come to this planet. Please help spread the word and insure that the truth cannot be smothered.

David fails to mention that the hoax occurred during a planned upgrade by the site owners, did he not notice?  I suspect David is correct in one respect; it was a deliberate move by insiders to provoke more fear, while also having it then appear to be the work of simple hoaxers.  The insiders being those that own Disclose.tv and use an all seeing eye as their logo.  The image below represents Disclose.tv on Microsoft's web browser display of the user's most frequented sites.

The All Seeing Eye of Disclose.tv

CIA personnel are on record as wanting to know what use could be made of the UFO phenomenon in connection with US psychological warfare efforts [3].  Disclose.tv's actions add to the suspicion that the entire UFO and extra-terrestrial subject is the world's largest act of psychological warfare.

Not Extra-terrestrials



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