Apr 12

The Truth Movement

Controlled Opposition


Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, is widely credited with the following quotation, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."   Controlled opposition uses a number of identifiable tactics to minimize their efficacy:

  • Mix truth with lies to provide a world view which is flawed and can be discredited.  Predominantly truth can be presented with a few lies or outrageous lies can be presented with a few truths.
  • Gatekeepers provide only a portion of the truth, which creates a "limited hangout'"and prevents followers from getting all the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole.
  • Deliberately frighten people by presenting information in an alarming fashion, which creates an overly melodramatic following and limits the appeal to newcomers.
  • Create a "movement" within which only the concensus view is acceptable, enabling leaders to hold people within a "limited hangout".
  • Have a straw man (person of dubious credibility, who is easily discredited) present the truth

Ironically the best information is available from controlled opposition websites such as The Vigilant Citizen [1], which provides the very illuminating article "The 25 Rules of Disinformation"[2].

Alternative Media

It is reasonable to assume that in addition to controlling corporate media the Illuminati also control the vast majority alternative media.  Based on experience I assume that any media organisation (website, radio station or TV station) with is controlled until proven otherwise.

Independent researchers have produced some good research on controlled opposition, Eric Hufschmid's site [3] has some good information, for instance, although some of it disagrees with my own views.  Also Keelan Balderson's WideShut [4] also appears to be independent.

This site provides a Truther Guide as well as individual pages dedicated to particular disinformers;

Alex Jones, The Vigilant Citizen, Disclose TV, Vatican Assassins, Dan Brown, Brian Gerrish

In addition there's a page dedicated to websites which are active in exposing controlled opposition.  Often the best information is available on forum threads which are generated by independent truthers, search for the name of your suspected controlled opposition together with "exposed' or "fraud" and see what comes up.


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