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Alex Jones

Alex is guilty of a number of tactics which reveal him to be controlled opposition.  The Prison Planet website presents a melodramatic picture of world events, focusing on how soon the next false flag terror attack will take place; how soon the next war will start; how soon the internet will be censored and how soon the economy will crash - in short how soon "The Globalists" will take over the planet and enslave us all.

If Alex can keep readers afraid he can limit their ability to think clearly and critically.  Fearmongering also helps keep newcomers away.  I've heard Alex mention that he's received death threats on numerous occasions, but he's never harmed. [1]

Jones spends little time or effort identifying "The Globalists" as individuals or working out what their individual agenda's might be according to which secret society they belong too.  People posting comments on Alex Jones' forums or articles report that any mention of  "The Knights of Malta" is censored.  Pat Buchanan, is a Knight of Malta, and he has promoted his books in interviews with Alex Jones [2].  Perhaps Jones is a Knights of Malta counter intelligence operation?  A Prison Planet article about the CIA's Operation Mockingbird media infiltration states "Mockingbird was an immense financial undertaking with funds flowing from the CIA largely through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) founded by Tom Braden with Pat Buchanon of CNN's Crossfire." [4] so Jone's links to the CIA are obvious.

Alex is infamous for his verbal abuse of those who call into his program and suggest that no planes hit the World Trade Centre Towers on 9/11; he has called them "low level, weak minded people".  Using insults to avoid thought provoking exploration of a subject is the oldest trick in the book [3].  Dr. Judy Wood's research to Alex Jones is like a silver bullet to a vampire [5] [6]

On 27 January 2010, Alex interrupted a second amendment rally in San Antonio, Texas using COINTELPRO, agent provoateur tactics.  Subsequently he blantantly lied about what happened at the event on his radio show. [7]

Jones revenue-streams from his Jewish sponsors present far too many obstacles for him to discuss world Zionism to any realistic degree. Sponsor revenues aside, Jones' Jewish connections are, indeed, profound, wide-ranging and number far too many for him to dare report the facts and dynamics of the Zionist control, influence and subjugation of much of the planet...even if he wanted to.  [8] [9]

One of the most telling signs that Alex concentrates on fear mongering above informing is his lack of follow-up on  the Deep Water Horizon blow out in the Gulf of Mexico.  As of 4 March 2012 BP's Macondo prospect is still seeping oil [10] .  Although Prison Planet reported the event as a possible false flag [11], Jones has failed to follow-up on the human interest stories of people who's lives have been devastated.  True to form he likes to provide readers with melodrama [12].

Evidence that Jones presents fabricated news is also available, thanks to diligent bloggers [13]

Prison Planet also has direct links to the Heritage Foundation, which is responsible for Charter Schools at the heart of the New World Order [14]

In November 2012 Sherrie (Lea) Laird reported that Molly Maroney, head editor at InfoWars, had a resume online that listed her jobs as CIA Analyst and as having worked for the Israeli owned STATFOR company [15]

Additionally there is a reasonable case for Alex originally having been Bill Hicks [16]


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