May 14

Illuminati Architecture


Bradford, UK


Titus Salt School

Part 1.  Mysterious School Monument

There is a mysterious monument “For The Students Who Never Leave” in the grounds at Titus Salt School.  The monument is never discussed in lessons nor is it ever brought to the attention of parents.  Although hundreds of pupils walk past it on their way in and out of school, they are not aware of its meaning and that is quite deliberate; it is very effectively hidden in plain sight.


The mysterious monument at Titus Salt School


The monument is made up of a standing stone in a circle of benches; the overall structure represents an ancient stone circle, such as Stonehenge or The Twelve Apostles close by on Ilkley Moor.


Visitors at Stonehenge


A message is carved on the face of the standing stone, inside the circle, where it can not been seen from the foot path.


The monument is "For the Students Who Never Leave"


There is an oak tree inside a circle, which is a symbol for the Tree of Life.  The tree is said to connect all forms of creation and is a concept that was used in the science, religion, philosophy, and mythology of many ancient cultures [1].  Examples of Tree of Life symbology are included below:

tree of life 3

Symbols for the Tree of Life


The reason an oak tree is often used as a symbol for the Tree of Life is because the branches of mature specimens reach down and connect with the ground as shown below:

Oak Tree of Life

Oak Tree of Life


The students who never left are listed underneath the Tree Of Life. All of them died before they were 19 years old and are presumed to be former pupils.

students who never left

Students who never left


At the base of the standing stone there is a handshake, which is called Tubalcain; it is one of the secret greetings used by the Freemasons.


Many photographs of rich and powerful people using Masonic handshakes can be found on-line:

Masonic handshakes

David Cameron, Daniel Taub, Queen Elizabeth II, Russel Brand, Pope John Paul II, Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev all using Masonic handshakes.


Knowing the monument to be of Masonic design allows the other symbols to be decoded.  Freemasons claim that their organisation protects the greatest spiritual secrets of the most ancient civilisations in the world, as described in Many P. Hall’s 1928 book An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy: Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of all Ages, which is more commonly referred to as The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Hall was not sworn to secrecy when he wrote the book as he did not become a Mason until 1954. [2]


The Tree of Life features on the front cover of The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall.

The penalty for a Freemason who breaks the code of secrecy is death.  After William Morgan announced his intention, in 1826, to publish a book exposing Freemasonry's secrets, he was arrested, allegedly kidnapped by Masons, and believed murdered.  David Miller subsequently published Morgan’s book, which included the full text of the ceremony for the initiation of a candidate in the First Degree of Freemasonry [3] during which the candidate acknowledges the penalty for revealing masonic secrets as follows: “binding myself under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows in twenty-four hours” [4].  Candidates are blindfolded and wear a noose (called a cable tow) around their necks during the ceremony as shown below.

Masonic initiation

Images of Masonic initiation ceremonies


In June 1999 Freemasons invited Yorkshire TV to film one of their initiations but, as the organisers were forced to admit, the ceremony held in front of the cameras was faked - the noose around the neck and the dagger to the chest were left out, as were references to the traditional masonic oaths featuring throats being slit and tongues torn out.  [5]

Today it is much more difficult to keep information secret than at any other time in history.  Freemasonic books which previously remained hidden from sight in the hands of secret society members are now published on-line for anyone to read free of charge.  This series of short articles will explain the ancient secrets of Freemasonry and the secret meaning of the monument Masons have installed in Titus Salt School grounds.  Part 2 examines the evidence for a commonly held view about Freemasonic beliefs.

Duke of Kent Barak Obama Masons

His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent (left) is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales. Barack Obama (right) is no stranger to Masonic events.


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