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Illuminati Magic


Leeds, UK

Temple Works

Time for Magic

Time for Magic

Temple Works, also known as Temple Mill, is a former flax mill in Holbeck, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.  It was designed by Joseph Bonomi the Younger and built by John Marshall between 1836 and 1840.  It is obviously a site of Illuminati (Rosicrucian) magic practice.

Temple Works was based on the Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt with a chimney designed in the style of an obelisk.  Although the Freemasons trace their origins back to ancient Egyptian culture, the Order of The Rose Cross (the Rosicrucians) also use Egyptian symbols and the Harry Potter series of magical adventures is similar in many respects to a book published in 1616: The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosycross which is often described as the third of the original manifestos of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross.