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Illuminati Symbols

NWO Sports

This article was inspired by a page on Richard Cassaro's website entitled The Sports Conspiracy: Americans Mass Controlled & Enslaved [1] . Richard noticed that a great many US national sports leagues have almost identical logos even though we are told that "no American government agency is charged with overseeing sports." [2]

Sport is used as a weapon of mass distraction by the ruling 'elite'; it is designed to occupy our thoughts so that we have less time and inclination to pay attention to politics, economics, history, health, spirituality or any other subject which may lead us to the truth.  It is a very old trick; Roman politicians devised a plan in 140 B.C. to win the votes of their citizens: giving out cheap food and entertainment, 'bread and circuses', would be the most effective way to rise to power [3].  As the image below illustrates George Orwell obviously understood what was planned when he published his novel 1984, back in 1949.

orwell football

Professional sport is a weapon of mass distraction

The New World Order has already declared its ownership of one sports organisation as can be seen below.



The choice of a blue, white (silouette) and red logo for a New World Order sports logo is (as is so often the case) a reference to the 'secret' history of the ruling class.  In this case the logo is made in the image of the French Tricolour and it serves as an emblem of the French Revolution, which was planned and executed by the Illuminati as described by Jesuit priest Augustin Barruel [4] in his book Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism [5].  The match with the official logo of the current French Government is exact, as can be seen below:

Left : Top right : Official French Government Logo Bottom right: French Tricolour

Left : Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Symbols of the French Revolution. Rousseau represented as the author of the Social Contract and the philosopher who promoted the regeneration of natural sentiments and values against the corrupting influences of urban society. The eye of vigilance is a symbol from the Freemason movement, to which many revolutionary leaders belonged. Other symbols are those of the French Republic: the tricolour flags above the principles of 'Love of County' and 'French Republic;' an altar dedicated to the rights of man and guarded by a soldier and a canon; the fisc of pikes surmounted by the red bonnet and adjacent to the tree of Liberty. The rising, glowing light in the foreground suggest the regeneration of social justice; two figures hand in hand represent the sign of unity, while a dog, symbol of faithfulness, and a horn of plenty complete the picture. Painting by D. Jeaurat, c. 1794 [6]
Top right : Official French Government Logo
Bottom right: French Tricolour

The colours of the French revolutionaries are, of course, all significant to the Freemasons as described in the image below.  Of  particular note is that Freemasonry is split into blue and red lodges; Blue Lodges, Craft Lodges or Ancient Craft Lodges refer to the lodges that work the first three Masonic degrees  [7], while the higher degrees, awarded to members of the York Rite and Scottish Rite, which relate to the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple and symbolically to the rebuilding of life are awarded only in Red Lodges. [8]

masonic colours

Top left: Blue Lodge apron
Top right: Red Lodge apron
Bottom: Masonic colours [9]

Francis Hopkinson, who designed the stars and stripes, was a Freemason [10] as was George Washington so the choice of colours should come as no surprise.  That pentagrams are used on the flag further serves to confirm its Masonic origin. [11]

stars and stripes

Top left: One of George Washington's Masonic aprons including a pentagram
Top right: George Washington in full Masonic dress presiding over the cornerstone ceremony for the U.S. Capitol in 1793.
Bottom: Masonic Stars and Stripes apron

When we look at the similarity of logos for many US national sports leagues, universal tribute to the French Revolution becomes apparent as every one below comprises a blue and red background with a white silhouette at the dividing line just like the French Government logo.

US sports league logos

US sports league logos

The intent is to turn America (and the world) into couch potatoes who enjoy nothing more than watching sport (the circus) and eating cheap junk food (bread); all of which is summed up succinctly in ESPN's logo below, which displays the same French Revolution tribute symbology.

ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Logo-crop_HIRES

ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Logo

Americans fall for it in their millions, believing that professional sports are a product of consumer demand when in fact they are a product of social engineering designed to keep the masses fat and dumb.

Washington Redskins Tailgate Party

Washington Redskins Tailgate Party

Not all national sports leagues follow exactly the same pattern.  Women's soccer (below) is right on the money and the logo even recognises the female Freemason's organisation (The Order of the Eastern Star) with a pentagon outline.  Men's soccer deviates from the established pattern; the MLS logo is in masonic colours as illustrated by the Eastern Star logo and the logo for MLS in St Louis includes an explicitly French Fleur de Lis but for reasons unknown the logo designers have chosen to partially exclude men's soccer from the pattern established by the French government logo.



A second set of US National sports league logos are developed on the theme of a shield.  This is another clue to 'secret' history as Freemasonry was formed by Knights Templar families [12] after the predominantly French order was disbanded by the Pope in 1312 [13].  The shields below represent those of the crusading knights.

Knights Templar Shields

Knights Templar Shields

Another couple of national league logos show variations on the theme, with the pentagram supplying the masonic symbolism.  Again the symbol is a reference to significant historical knowledge; the pentagram has been used as a secret symbol for the planet Venus [11].  Venus reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset, for which reason it has been referred to by ancient cultures as the Morning Star or Evening Star, but prior to the ancient Greeks people did not know that the morning and evening stars were the same planetary body [14].  In its ancient identity as the Morning Star, Venus heralded the light of sunrise in the east and in Freemasonic parlance light is synonymous with knowledge and wisdom; hence the pentagram is a symbol of the eastern or morning star which in turn is a symbol for ancient (historical) truth kept secret within esoteric organisations such as Freemasonry and The Order of the Eastern Star. [15]

variations on a theme

Variations on a theme displayed by snowboarding and ten pin bowling

The above groupings leaves one very obvious anomaly.  Professional golf is an extremely popular TV sport which serves the Freemasonic agenda well.  Why is it that an organisation which has marked everything from the NFL to yoga with its own secret commemoration of history neglected to do the same for golf?  Although both professional golf  league logos display Freemasonic colours (the more obvious being the women's tour logo which is made up of each of the 5 colours from the Order of the Eastern Star logo) unlike all the other logos seen above neither golf logo below includes any Freemasonic layout, shape or symbol.


world's golf

In order to find the masonic symbol in both PGA and LPGA logos we have to go, once again, to the history books.  The laying of the foundations of the world's first purpose built golf clubhouse on Leith (Edinburgh) Links for The Honourable Company in 1768 is recorded as follows: [16]

Leith, July 2, 1768

This day William St Clair of Roslin, Esq., the undoubted representative of the Honourable and Heretable G.M.M of Scotland, In presence of Alexander Keith, Esq., Captain of the Honourable Company of Goffers, and other worthy Members of the Goffing Company, all Masons, The G.M., now in his GRAND CLIMAX of GOFFING, laid the Foundation of the GOFFING HOUSE in the S.E. corner thereof, by THREE STROKES with the Mallet.

GMM stands for Grand Master Mason. The St Clairs of Roslyn were hereditary patrons of the Masons in Scotland for centuries and William St Clair was the first elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736. He was Captain and prominent member of both the Leith and the St Andrews golf clubs. Apart from laying the foundation stone of the world's first golf clubhouse, his name is on the St Andrew’s minute shortening the Old Course to be eighteen holes in 1764 [17]. He died in 1778 and is buried in Roslyn Chapel.

At the time when ‘kolf’ died out in the Netherlands, as did its counterpart in Scotland, played as a commoners’ game round churchyards and village greens, ‘links golf’ flourished, played with a variety of clubs to holes marked by flags. From 1717 onward, when 'Speculative Masons' began to be recruited to Scottish Lodges, many early Scottish links golfers were Masons and they created the golf club and initially organised golf into what it has become. (David Hamilton and others outline the probable genesis of the game in several books.) [18]

Hence there is no need for additional Freemasonic symbols on the PGA and WPGA logos because the silhouette on each represents a Freemason.

Fake Opposition

Anyone who has studied the alternative media knows that it too is run by the Freemasons, who like to have everything, including their opposition under control.  The picture below is an obvious piece of Freemasonic controlled opposition, unless you believe that genuine anti-war protestors use professional printing facilities to create their banners.

Controlled Opposition

Controlled Opposition


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