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Illuminati Architecture


Glasgow, UK

Stewart Memorial Fountain

Stewart memorial fountain

Stewart memorial fountain

The Stewart Memorial Fountain was completed in 1872.  The architect was James Sellars and the sculptures were designed by Freemason John Mossman who is regarded as the father of Glasgow Sculpture.  The Glasgow Sculpture website provides images of the parts of the fountain obviously related to the commemoration of  Robert Stewart of Murdostoun (1811-66) and his role in the history of Glasgow's water supply.  This article will examine the other imagery, which is pertinent to the Stewart family's role in Freemasonry as summarised below.

At the top of the fountain, there is a sculpture of the Lady of the Lake.  Officially the statue depicts Ellen Douglas, from Freemason Walter Scott's poem entitled the Lady of the Lake, who is straining to hear the call of her lover, James Fitz-James.

1 La Belle Place

1 La Belle Place Glasgow

1 La Belle Place, Glasgow

The Queens Rooms (1857-58) was built as a temple of the arts and sciences for David Bell of Blackhall, a rich Glasgow merchant.  The Queen's Rooms incorporated one of the most lavish sculptural schemes of nineteenth century Glasgow, executed by Freemason John Mossman.  The building prominently features Freemasonic symbols and a close examination of the building'sexterior reveals secrets hidden in plain view.

1 La Belle Place is directly and deliberately connected to the Stewart Memorial Fountain as shown below; John Mossman, the father of Glasgow sculpture, created the sculptures at both sites.