May 13

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Truther Guide


Here is The Big Picture truther guide; a look at who's on the level and who's yanking your chain. The following factors have been assessed in determining who is likely to be on our side and who is bought and paid for by the psychopath Rothschild global empire:

Profile : Genuine truthers are often hard to find. By their very nature they are anti-establishment and therefore unlikey to have significant financial backing. Truthers are far are less likely to show up on the first page of a Google search or to stage high profile public events because they generally don't have much cash.

Credibility : Top marks in this category go to those who's lives ended prematurely. Murder, suicide, fast acting cancer and suspicious accident all qualify the truther as a threat worthy of termination. Next up is serious persecution by the authorities such as being fired from a government or other establishment post; being imprisoned or being barred from entering a country. Finally being subject to other COINTELPRO tactics when it is clear that time and effort has been spent to discredit the truther is a good sign that the information they present is a threat to the establishment.

Evidence: Assessment of the evidence to support the information presented as truth; consideration of known associates and what organisations or positions are supported or attacked.

Truthers, of course, are not infallible and disinformation agents often provide a great deal of very valuable information but it does help to work out who's on your side and who's deliberately deceiving. Have a look down the list and see what you think. Those presumed to be truthers get a heart () while those thought to be disinformation agents get a pyramid Δ.

It is important to note that any of the presumed truthers might be double agents infiltrating and information gathering for the dark side or deliberating holding back information to prevent the whole story becoming known - one should be particularly wary of former secret service agents in this regard. Finally honest truthers may become members of the establishment machine when they are offered deals at corporately funded media firms, similarly independent truthers may be threatened or blackmailed into pursuing the establishment agenda if they become too high profile.

911 truth tellers and controlled opposition are listed on a separate page http://www.the-big-picture.org.uk/wp/?page_id=2384

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The Truther Guide is now too big for a single wordpress page so it has been split into two:

Truther Guide (A-L) and Truther Guide (M-Z)

A complete list of names is included here, which allows readers to jump to a particular person and get a web address from their browser which opens the relevant  page at the chosen person: