Mar 13

Illuminati Architecture


London, UK

Prometheus in London I

Prometheus' Torch in the London Street Map

Prometheus' Torch in the London Street Map

In the centre of London there is a curious street pattern, which was pointed out to me by a friend; Kingsway, Aldwych and the Strand form the shape of Prometheus' torch.  I couldn't help wondering if he had recognised a Free-masonic secret hidden in plain site.  If this is an esoteric Promethean symbol then the building immediately south southeast of Bush House must be the flame, which is a symbol of enlightenment and knowledge according to the Hermetic tradition of occult societies such as the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati.  I also found the proximity of Temple Tube Station, a reference to the Knights Templar, to be intriguing.

Prometheus in London II

Prometheus' Torch formed by Portland Place and The Crescent

Prometheus' Torch formed by Portland Place and Park Crescent

Having identified one prominent London street pattern which was built by the Freemasons to represent Prometheus' torch [1].  I looked at Google Earth for additional Free-masonic symbols built into London's streets.  Portland Place and Park Crescent stand out as another Prometheus torch street pattern and it proved to be very obviously another Free-masonic building project, which goes some way to revealing the structure of the Freemasons organisation and the original secret the Freemasons were created to protect.

London 2012 Olympics Bell

Olympic Bell

Olympic Bell

The opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics will begin with the ringing of the world’s largest tuned bell. The bell weighs 27 tonnes so we can expect the tolling to be a relatively slow and dignified affair.

Why have the Olympic organisers decided to begin proceedings with a death knell signalling disaster and destruction? There is a precedent for opening the Olympics with a death knell; Hitler did it in Berlin in 1936.