Mar 13

Illuminati Architecture


Bradford, UK

20131021_161907There is a mysterious monument “For The Students Who Never Leave” in the grounds at Titus Salt School. The monument is never discussed in lessons nor is it ever brought to the attention of parents. Although hundreds of pupils walk past it on their way in and out of school, they are not aware of its existence and that is quite deliberate; it is very effectively hidden in plain sight.

The monument is made up of a standing stone situated in a circle of benches; the overall structure represents an ancient stone circle, such as Stonehenge or The Twelve Apostles close by on Ilkley Moor.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Bank of America

Bank of America

Prominently displayed in the lobby of the Bank of America’s Corporate Center are “creepy” frescoes, filled with occult symbols, which are described at The Vigilant Citizen [1].  Since we know that The Vigilant Citizen is controlled opposition, it is most interesting to assemble a more complete description of the symbology and establish what The Vigilant Citizen is not telling us.

Glasgow, UK

Masonic hand shake

Stewart Memorial Fountain

Glasgow is situation less than 30 miles north-east of the Lodge Mother Kilwinning, which is number 0 on the Roll, and is reputed to be the oldest Lodge not only in Scotland, but the world.  As the second city of the British Empire in the 1800s and the closest large city to Lodge mother Kilwinning Glasgow was an obvious place to the Freemasons to celebrate their secret knowledge in sculpture.

It is no secret that the father of Glasgow sculpture, John Mossman was a Freemason and he lead the charge to make the whole city a tribute to masonic symbols and secrets.

London, UK

St Paul's Cathedral and The London Shard

St Paul's Cathedral and The London Shard

London is full of Freemasonic and Illuminati symbols.  In the mid 12th century the Knights Templar met at a site in High Holborn in a structure originally established by Hugues de Payens.  Because

of the rapid growth of the order, by the 1160s the site had become too confined, and the Order purchased the current site of Temple Church for the establishment of a larger monastic complex as their headquarters in England.  The Knights Templar order was very powerful in England, with the Master of the Temple sitting in parliament as primus baro (the first baron of the realm). The compound was regularly used as a residence by kings and by legates of the Pope.  The Temple also served as an early depository bank, sometimes in defiance of the Crown's wishes to seize the funds of nobles who had entrusted their wealth there.  The symbolic building, and control of banking continues to this day.

New York, USA

Statue of libert torch

Statue of Liberty

The official government Statue of Liberty website is decidely cursory about what the statue's symbols mean.  Many people have blogged about the Statue of Liberty's Freemasonic origins, but few have got it correct in my opinion.  This article examines the Freemasonic symbology of the statue from tip to toe and provides an explanation of the  Freemasonic secret(s) which the statue is designed to hide in plain sight.

The key to breaking the Freemason's "secret" code is to focus on the esoteric meaning of ancient mythology.  Too many bloggers spot the links with pre-christian dieties and assume that the Freemasons worship pagan gods; others interpret low level masonic texts literally and conclude that the Freemasons worship Lucifer.  Neither conclusion is correct.