Dec 14

Drug Maker Will Soon Hold Patent On THC, CBD As Cancer Cures | Medical Marijuana 411.com

“The subject patent specifically covers a method for treating glioma in a human using a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) wherein the cannabinoids are in a ratio of from 1:1 to 1:20 (THC:CBD) with the intent to reduce cell viability, inhibit cell growth or reduce tumor volume.”


Dec 14

Red meat triggers toxic immune reaction which causes cancer, scientists find - Telegraph

Scientists at the University of California discovered that the human body views red meat as a foreign invader and launches an immune response

Red meat has been linked to cancer for decades, with research suggesting that eating large amounts of pork, beef or lamb raises the risk of deadly tumours.


Sep 14

Cannabis Cures Cancer: Dr Christina Sanchez explains - YouTube

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Cells. The legalization of the plant is still a highly debated topic -- despite the many case studies that support its use in treating cancers, including Leukemia. Social stigma is now the predominant factor inhibiting its use and legalization, but that perception is being changed by the many pro-cannabis supporters speaking out from various fields.


Jun 14

Feds finally release Burzynski cancer cure treatment - National Holistic Health | Examiner.com


Until the treatment has saved so many lives, however, and has become so widely known that not even the media can pretend it doesn’t exist anymore without being too obvious, which is very likely to happen if the establishment isn’t successful at shutting him down before then, the only places you’re likely to hear about the progress of Burzynski’s miracle discovery, as well as many other forms of known-but-hidden disease cures, is in articles such as this and other related sources. Because just as it has been stated and proven many times before, until something is done to make real changes to the system, the media and the establishment that controls them, the revolution will not be televised, unless we give them no choice.

May 14


On April 23, 2013 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and agents of the FDA showed up unannounced and served the cancer care center with search warrants demanding access to the center’s medical supplies. While reasons for the raid remain undisclosed, an inside source stated agents marauded the clinic to prevent the use of the B17 vitamin.

Federal agents went as far to not only shut down the clinic, but stole medicine that was previously purchased by patients seeking the alternative treatments. The FBI and FDA are claiming they orchestrated the raid out of concern for its patients, which is absolute ludicrous considering the center has been safely and naturally treating patients this way for years.


Jan 14

This Device Cured Cancer But Big Pharma Destroyed It | Collective-Evolution

By 1934, the device began getting much more attention. The University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to further look at and study the device and it’s claims. 16 terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital were brought to Rife’s San Diego Laboratory for treatment. This committee was made up of doctors and pathologists who were assigned to examine the patients if they were still alive in 90 days. The 3 months of treatment went by and the Committee concluded that 14 of the 16 patients had been completely cured of cancer. The remaining 2 patients were exposed to the device for another 4 weeks after a few adjustments were made. Both were cured after the 4 weeks. The amazing results were a surprise to many, as no one knew what to expect out of frequency based medical treatment. On November 20, 1931, Royal Rife was honored with a banquet billed as “The End To All Diseases” at the Pasadena estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson by 44 of the nations most respected medical authorities.

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Jan 14

Drug Maker Will Soon Hold Patent On THC, CBD As Cancer Cures - Leaf Science

GW Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that specializes in cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, has received early approval on a patent covering the use of marijuana chemicals for treating brain cancer.

GW Pharmaceuticals announced Wednesday that it has been issued a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for a patent application involving the use of THC and CBD, the two main chemicals in marijuana, for treating gliomas.

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Jan 14

GWPharma - GW Pharmaceuticals Announces New US Patent Allowance

In the indication for the treatment of cancer pain, GW has obtained a patent in the US, entitled "Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Treatment of Pain," (Patent number 7,968,594) which expires in September 2026. Sativex is currently in Phase 3 clinical development as a potential treatment of pain in people with advanced cancer. This Phase 3 program is intended to support the submission of a New Drug Application for Sativex in cancer pain with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and elsewhere.

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Jan 14

The Stranglehold that the UK 1939 Cancer Act Exerts in Great Britain

(OMNS Aug 3, 2012) Most citizens of Great Britain are totally unaware of the 1939 Cancer Act which effectively prevents them from finding out about different treatments for cancer.

Excerpts from the UK 1939 Cancer Act:

"4 - (1) No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement -

(a) containing an offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof; or

(b) referring to any article, or articles of any description, in terms which are calculated to lead to the use of that article, or articles of that description, in the treatment of cancer.

In this section the expression "advertisement" includes any "notice, circular, label, wrapper or other document, and any announcement made orally or by any means of producing or transmitting sounds". [1]

Publication of such advertisements is permitted to a very restrictive group comprising members of either House of Parliament, local authority, governing bodies of voluntary hospitals, registered or training to become registered medical practitioners, nurses or pharmacists, and persons involved in the sale or supply of surgical appliances. A very tight grip, therefore, is exercised on information that is fed to citizens of Great Britain; interestingly, the Act does not apply to Northern Ireland.

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Dec 13

Cancer Survivor Refuses To Support Cancer Charities – See Why | Collective-Evolution

Chris Wark had stage 3 Colon cancer, he refused chemotherapy and treated himself with a vegan diet. We often hear about alternative methods and treatments for cancer, but rarely are they promoted and many people don’t even know about them.

In the video below, Chris brings up a number of important points to consider with regards to cancer charities. I myself have always been confused when in comes to raising money for cancer. I believe we need to put more emphasis on the cause and focus on rectifying that. I am confused because there are limitless examples of cancer cures using a multitude of methods. There are even many examples of cure suppression and poor ethics.

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Dec 13

▶ CorrieYelland: A Cannabis Oil Cured Cancer Testimonial - YouTube

In July 2011, I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer and was given 2 to 4 months to live. My sister told me to watch the movie "Run From the Cure: A Rick Simpson Story" and I decided to treat my cancer with Rick Simpson's cannabis oil instead of chemo and radiation therapy prescribed by my doctor. In September 2012, my doctor declared me cancer free. I had a chance to tell my story during an interview with a local radio station in Nanaimo, BC back in January 2013. This is my story.

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Dec 13

The Mushroom Being Used to Suppress Cancer Tumors | TruthTheory

Dr Ling, from the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland and Institute for Biomedical Health & Innovation at QUT had this to say:

“The findings are quite significant. What we wanted to demonstrate was whether that compound could stop the development of prostate tumours in the first place. In the past, other inhibitors tested in research trials have been shown to be up to 70 per cent effective, but we’re seeing 100 per cent of this tumour prevented from developing with PSP. Importantly, we did not see any side effects from the treatment.”

While Lings research shows the potential for polysaccharopeptide to completely inhibit prostate tumor formation, he does note that his research doesn’t suggest that simply eating the mushrooms would have the same benefit.

via The Mushroom Being Used to Suppress Cancer Tumors | TruthTheory.

Oct 13

Marijuana Compounds Can Kill Some Cancer Cells: Study

A scientist in the United Kingdom has found that compounds derived from marijuana can kill cancerous cells found in people with leukemia, a form of cancer that is expected to cause an estimated 24,000 deaths in the United States this year.

"Cannabinoids have a complex action; it hits a number of important processes that cancers need to survive," study author Dr. Wai Liu, an oncologist at the University of London's St. George medical school, told The Huffington Post. "For that reason, it has really good potential over other drugs that only have one function. I am impressed by its activity profile, and feel it has a great future, especially if used with standard chemotherapies."

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Oct 13

Biochemist Dennis Hill, who cured his stage 4 prostate cancer with Cannabis oil, explains how it works | Patients for Medical Cannabis

Biochemist Dennis Hill graduated from the University of Houston and did his Graduate Work at Baylor Medical School. Dennis worked as a Cancer Researcher at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. When Dennis was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer, which had metastasized to other parts of his body, he started researching. Since Dennis has a family history of prostate cancer, and he often witnessed ineffective results while working in cancer research, he felt a new approach was in order.

After researching possible alternatives Dennis ran across information about Rick Simpson using cannabis concentrate, which is an extract of the essential oil which is extracted from marijuana and contains cannabinoids. Simpson was using the oil to treat a wide variety of illness, including cancer. The more Dennis researched, the more he understood how cannabis worked on cancer. He has included 2 papers for the review of anyone interested that go into the science of how cannabis kills cancer. He was determined to give it a try, and decided to tell his doctor that he would be using cannabis concentrate alone for his treatment. He did not want to risk more damage to his body from chemo, so he chose to start the cannabis oil regime without any other treatment.

via Biochemist Dennis Hill, who cured his stage 4 prostate cancer with Cannabis oil, explains how it works | Patients for Medical Cannabis.

Sep 13

Turmeric Extract Kills Highly Lethal Pancreatic Tumors, Preclinical

Considering that the conventional treatment of advanced stage pancreatic cancer can result in as little as a 1% 5-year survival rate, new preclinical research on a liposomal turmeric extract that inhibits pancreatic tumor growth by 42% is all the more amazing.

A promising new study published in the journal Anticancer Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the International Institute of Anticancer Research, reveals a unique turmeric extract known as liposomal curcumin may provide an ideal chemotherapy alternative in the treatment of highly lethal pancreatic cancers.[1]

via Turmeric Extract Kills Highly Lethal Pancreatic Tumors, Preclinical.

Sep 13

Exposed | Orion Magazine

“We used to march in the streets,” says Ehrenreich. “Now, we’re supposed to ‘Run for a Cure.’” Imagine what change could be effected if all those women in pink turned their energies toward working to pass legislation that would protect all of us from the chemicals that cause cancer. Imagine if the millions of dollars spent searching for a “cure” were instead invested in researching causes and prevention. Because if we truly want a cure for the breast cancer epidemic, we don’t need more mammograms. We don’t need more ribbons. What we need is to face a truth that is not pretty, not pink, and not reassuring at all. Chemicals are in our bodies. They are causing cancer. And all the pink ribbons in the world aren’t going to fix that.

via Exposed | Orion Magazine.

Sep 13

Starving Cancer to Death by Removing one Food: Refined Sugar

Dr. Otto Wartburg and other health experts have been talking about how cancer loves sugar since the 1920s, but surprisingly many doctors don’t tell their cancer patients that as long as they continue to eat processed foods full of the stuff, they will likely have a more difficult time fighting this disease.

The German physiologist, leading biochemist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate was convinced that you could starve cancer right out of the body. While it may not always be that easy, this is something that could significantly change the game.

His theory was that malignant cells and tumor growth was caused by cells that generated energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar). The recycling of the metabolite from this process called glycolysis and the circulation of adhA back into the body caused anaerobic respiration.

via Starving Cancer to Death by Removing one Food: Refined Sugar.

Jul 13


2 yr old Landon Riddle has Leukemia, Landon almost died from chemo, now he is using cannabis oil and almost instantly his blood levels returned to that of someone that is cancer free! His cancer is in remission after 3 weeks of using cannabis oil!


Jul 13

Cannabis chemicals stop prostate cancer growth : Cancer Research UK

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Cancer Research UK Press Release

ACTIVE chemicals in cannabis have been shown to halt prostate cancer cell growth according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer today.Researchers from the University of Alcala, in Madrid tested the effects of the active chemicals in cannabis called cannabinoids on three human prostate cancer cell lines - called PC-3, DU-a45 and LNCaP.The prostate cancer cells carry molecular ‘garages’- called receptors- in which cannabinoids can 'park'.The scientists showed for the first time that if cannabinoids ‘park’ on a receptor called CB2, the cancer cells stop multipyling.

via Cannabis chemicals stop prostate cancer growth : Cancer Research UK.